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PR services – Press releases, customer comms & announcements

In a world where 80% of everything we read in the newspaper has been supplied by a PR team, PR is steering the way society thinks. PR may be based on a case study of a great project, a new product or a charitable event. Or maybe you highlighting your work for a multinational player? Are you acknowledging the achievements of your staff, or celebrating a new award?

Whether your PR piece will rock the country, or generate more perfect keywords on your website’s news page, there are many great reasons to generate newsworthy (and search engine worthy) articles.

Appearing in print or online articles is often the most cost effective way of getting your message out to your target audience – and we can tailor the approach so that you really do appear in front of the customers you most want to convince.

PR isn’t always in print – often an event or a publicity stunt will work better to get you seen. And we can talk about backing up your message with an email marketing campaign and in social media to maximise your exposure.

It’s all about proving your credibility in a world increasingly bombarded with advertising! Tell us your story.

Simple, fast and effective email marketing campaigns

Fresh Marketing can organise the branding of your marketing emails, write the content and schedule the sends. We employ robust email marketing software and design sleek, branded email templates.

We can craft articles for your customer newsletters and promotions for your marketing emails. Because we are experts at website SEO, the news articles we write can also be loaded onto your website to boost your natural search performance, and can be shared in the relevant social media channels.

We’ll talk about whether to combine your email campaign with social media and an online advertising campaign, and how to co-promote offers on your website.

We’ll upload your customer lists and clean the data if necessary, then send a test and so you can check it is perfect.

We’ll apply common sense and the benefits of our experience with email marketing campaigns – and help you get the best response possible. Let’s get planning.


*Prices change with project scope, these are indicative.