The best Marketers are Business Strategists

The best Branding experts are Business Strategists. So are the best Web Developers, the best Marketers... Applause for this article by Benek Lisefski!

Most often, when we are called in to 'do a new site' we uncover and quantify business benefits, target market segments, promotional strategy opportunities, the ideal brand language and brand imagery, and a slick UX to suit the market identified - and all this feeds into an evolved business strategy.

We may be asked to 'run Google Ads' for a business and identify opportunities to target new markets, sell new product bundles, refreshing the brand website to better deliver what the market is looking for, and all number of flow on marketing tools including (for example) discovering that Facebook promotion delivers better ROI than Google Ads and reallocating budget for a better result.

Marketing spans all aspects of a business from how you design and word your invoice templates, how your team pitch business and retain customers, through to your logo and social media presence.

Lisefski states

"If you’re a branding expert, your role may spread into naming, market research and fit, personality and tone of voice, copywriting, art direction, marketing strategy — just to name a few.

If you’re a web designer you’re reaching into info architecture, user experience, accessibility, engagement strategy, copywriting, content design and art direction, communication strategy, responsive design and device optimisation, etc."

If you're a freelance marketing consultant, your role spreads into every facet of a customer's brand experience.

We absolutely love the opportunity to work with our client on a strategic level.
Thanks, you know who you are!

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