Colour coding your brand to reach your target market

We love working with brand designers who put a lot of thought into what they design.

Our favourite designers will inevitably present the new branding along with colour psychology insights like “The colour is important because…” or “We chose these colours because they convey the message that…”

Colours are evocative at a subconscious level – but the use of colour in your branding should be completely conscious!

Emotional cues from Brand Colours

How we interpret the emotional value of color depends upon our language, senses, and personality characteristics, making it difficult to predict reaction to color across a large audience of unique people. It has even been shown to vary between men and women.

In a survey, people were asked to choose the color they associated with particular words.

  • Trust: Most chose the color blue (34%), followed by white (21%) and green (11%)
  • Security: Blue came out on top (28%), followed by black (16%) and green (12%)
  • Speed: Red was overwhelmingly the favorite (76%)
  • Cheapness: Orange came first (26%), followed by yellow (22%) and brown (13%)
  • High Quality: Black was the clear winner (43%), then blue (20%)
  • High Tech: This was almost evenly split, with black the top choice (26%) and blue and gray second (both 23%)
  • Reliability: Blue was the top choice (43%), followed by black (24%)
  • Courage: Most chose purple (29%), then red (28%), and finally blue (22%)
  • Fear/Terror: Red came in first (41%) followed by black (38%)
  • Fun: Orange was the top choice (28%), followed closely by yellow (26%) and then purple (17%)

Read the full article here.

What does your brand colour say about your business?

Canadian plastic-card maker Colourfast created this great info-graphic to explain why colour is so crucial in branding.