Welcome to the world Enrich Coaching!

What an absolute pleasure to work with Michelle Sullivan on her new brand.

Enrich Coaching is a new health coaching business in Sydney, focused on working with clients to agree empowering strategies - so they can create the life they want! Enrich Coaching supports busy Sydney-siders to embrace new confidence, plan for personal successes and enjoy more time for relaxation and the people they love.

Fresh Marketing worked with Michelle to:

  • name her business and create her key messaging
  • create a logo and brand elements
  • design and build a website
  • create copy for the site
  • optimise the content for search
  • set up email marketing
  • set up social media
  • set up online promotion
  • create brand collateral

As expected, working with such a positive, motivated client made this project incredibly enjoyable!

"The branding and the website look amazing. The web copy is perfect, and I’m really happy with our custom-built online quiz. It is great to know I have people helping me that are as passionate and excited as I am – I can’t thank you enough.” - Michelle Sullivan, Enrich Coaching Ltd

Michelle creates a completely personalised plan for each client and provide tools and tactics to enable them to reach the goals they care most about. With a personal desire to see her clients succeed, Michelle provides supportive coaching combined with proven techniques that empower clients to create permanent change in their lives.

Discover www.enrichcoaching.com.au now!