Website development triples speed & traffic - instantly!

When your website needs a shot of espresso!

An October project saw Fresh Marketing called in to help with an ecommerce site with minimal sales and low traffic. Hosting speed was a major issue with page load times of 24 seconds - a flashback to dial up speeds! No wonder customers weren't browsing the site and purchasing.

A website development strategy was quickly agreed to optimise site speed, page load, ease of navigation and customer retention on the site.  A new website was built using a fashion-styled Woocommerce template and the stock bulk-uploaded. Improvements to the website navigation and search engine optimisation were completed, including:

  • Improved navigation for fewer clicks
  • Improved product category layout & browser logic
  • Shop categories on the homepage
  • Copywriting for SEO and meta text on key pages
  • Addition of a News page for blog functionality
  • Automated shipping costs
  • Newsletter sign up

Within two days of go live, the new site was drawing double the traffic - and even more importantly, retaining viewers with a 7 page average. The shop page began performing highest after the homepage; and page load speed was super fast.

With the addition of a new Adwords campaign to capture searches for the product types, website traffic leaped up to over 300% of the old site's average daily traffic.

A Facebook promotion was used as a cost effective way to proactively push the news out to the market about the new online store.

An extremely satisfying project - we greatly appreciate the client's trust and willingness to follow our suggestions - and because, like our client, we believe in live websites and ongoing improvements, we look forward to the next steps we take together!