i candy 3.0 - a new, new website

We absolutely love the work of i candy creator Lisa Hamilton Gibbs, and the story of the brand evolution, so it was a delight to reinvent the online presence of i candy for 2020. 

As with any artist's work, Lisa's designs have evolved and we suggested a refresh of the logo to sit with the new website design and fresh new look. We chose a very clean round modern font to support the brand feel and built the new website in Shopify.

Key website integrations were linking the website sales through to Xero, an app to integrate order delivery with the business's courier service, and adding a Wholesaler functionality that allows approved retailers to order quickly from a pick list and receive VIP pricing.

"This is going to save so much time, so we can focus on growing the business rather than admin! We are super excited with our fantastic new i candy website. It is visually beautiful and displays our brand so brilliantly.
The website is intuitive and easy to use - it makes ordering and offering great online deals very easy! 
The team at Fresh Marketing take care of all the details and just deliver a fantastic website that works like a dream. Thank you." - Lisa

With the clean interface of Shopify, i candy now use the website for stock management, and are able to quickly create offers or specials by product or collection. 

Technology has changed so much since the first i candy site we created in 2010, and it's always exciting seeing how much easier we can make business logistics, promotion and sales for our clients!