A 30% fee on your cute boosted Instagram posts? Yep!

Instagram has alerted advertisers that "starting as soon as 8 July, when you boost in the Instagram iOS app, you'll pay through the Apple App Store. Because of this, an Apple service fee has been added."

Meta explains more in their official Meta announcement - the core quote is "When an advertiser uses the Facebook or Instagram iOS app to Boost a post, they will be billed through Apple, which retains a 30% service fee on the total ad payment, before any applicable taxes and local fees. This service fee is retained by Apple, not Meta."

If you're an iPhone user who loves to give your favourite Instagram posts a little push, you might want to think twice...

There are two ways to avoid the fee from Apple.

Hire a social media marketing agency

Yes, like Fresh Marketing - to run your social media advertising. They should invest the time to understand your market and your sales strategy and create ads that target the right people, with the right messaging and images.

You can give them access via the Meta Business Suite. If you haven't set this up, now is a great time to get your Facebook pages, Instagram profile, ad account, pixels and catalogues all in one account - and make sure that you require two step authentication from all users.

Campaigns created in the Meta Business Suite will not incur the Apple service fee.

Get social promotion savvy and create your own ad campaigns 

At Fresh Marketing we offer a social media training workshop which is tailored to each client. It's a great value way to learn more about social media strategy and if you want to run your own campaigns using your ad account in your Meta Business Suite, you can learn the basics and how to avoid common (and often costly) mistakes.

If you use the Ad Manager to promote posts or create campaigns, you are working directly in Meta's platform so Apple's service fee will not apply.